The Author

Hermann Vivier

vry-fokken-ou[AFR] free-fucking-guy[ENG]

Everything I write is devoted to the search for freedom and the recognition that personal responsibility is a prerequisite for finding it. Broadly speaking, we’re always searching for freedom in two different arenas simultaneously. The personal arena, where that search is referred to as spirituality, and the societal arena, where it’s referred to as politics.

My search started in the ocean. I was raised by the ocean, from as far back as my earliest memories, before later spending several years traveling and living abroad as a teenager and young adult. I was searching then. And I am still searching now.

As part of that journey of discovery I co-founded a surf travel business, Unravel Surf Travel, and a social-development non-profit organization, The Surfer Kids. Are their core, both are efforts in pursuit of freedom and personal responsibility.

I also completed a bachelors degree in Literature and Philosophy at the University of Cape Town in 2009 and it was during that time that I encountered psychological therapy and first became acquainted with the subconscious.

That was when life really began unraveling itself. Up until that point it felt as if I had simply been holding on without knowing what I was holding onto. Life never made much sense. Not until the underlying story started making sense.

Many things have happened since then. I married my life partner. I began practicing Yoga. I developed a regular meditation practice. I became a father.

And I finally admitted to being an addict; understanding that the real problem is not the drugs but my attempt to escape from what I subjectively experience as the overwhelming pressures of life.

I went from being a staunch atheist toward adopting an undefinable higher power. And recognizing the need for accepting personal responsibility before all else in pursuit of happiness and the greater good.

My life is a work in progress and it will never be complete. How could it? I’m just a speck in an infinite universe. And the future will forever remain unknowable. But I know that I can never turn back to where I came from. Regardless of where this takes me, I must continue along the path toward freedom.