vry-fokken-ou [AFR]

free-fucking-guy [ENG]

Broadly speaking, humans search for freedom in two different arenas. The personal arena of thoughts and beliefs, referred to as spirituality. And the societal arena of action and reaction, referred to as politics.

This website is dedicated to that search. And the recognition that personal responsibility is a prerequisite. Because without personal responsibility we live via proxy. When, again and again, the search is sabotaged by substitute look-a-likes.

I first started searching in the ocean. I was raised by the ocean. From as far back as I can remember, that’s where I was. Mostly on my own. I was searching then. And I am still searching now.

Along the way I co-founded Unravel Surf Travel and The Surfer Kids NPO. I cannot say it was premeditated because I was swinging for the fences then. But today I realize that both embody a pursuit of freedom and personal responsibility.

Appearances can however be deceiving. We seek to understand the world without understanding ourselves. While the search for freedom is just a janitorial mind job. A subconscious search and rescue operation. The struggle is internal.

Life will unravel itself. That’s what it does. But while I had been holding on without knowing what I was holding onto, the world around me never made much sense. Not for as long as I was compelled by the world around me.

Traveling. University. More traveling. Marriage. Business. Work. Children. Parenthood. And the slowly accelerating spiral of addiction. The search has taken many turns. And there’s likely many more to come.

But ultimately I’m always brought back to the corridors of my own mind. Where a hundred different versions of my own voice sometimes tell a thousand different stories. Until I quiet the voices. Then I find peace within myself. And that’s freedom.