Did Satoshi celebrate his birthday?

What kind of a person has the mental, moral and emotional fortitude to watch from the sidelines, in silence, while their invention changes the world, without taking a shred of credit or fame along the way, instead choosing to forego untold riches in exchange for the possible realization of what was, at least to begin with, little more than a fragile promise of freedom?

“Who does that?” you ask.

Satoshi did that.

Bitcoin. It’s not just a Hedge. It’s a Wedge.

Investors are increasingly waking up to the reality that their fiat cash reserves are melting ice cubes. As a result hard assets like Bitcoin are gaining traction as a hedge against inflation. However, Bitcoin isn’t just a hedge against inflation. It’s also a wedge that’s forcing open and widening the cracks in a world where true power and control is hidden behind a facade.

Bitcoin is NOT Anonymous.

Many myths persist about Bitcoin. One of the most widely believed, yet deeply mistaken, being the idea that Bitcoin is “only-used-for-buying-things-that-are-illegal.” Because it’s anonymous. The fact of the matter, however, is that Bitcoin isn’t actually anonymous at all. The movement of individual coins can be precisely traced.

Bitcoin is Not a Scam.

If you’ve heard about Bitcoin and you’re only somewhat familiar with it, chances are you’ve heard all about all the scams that are associated with Bitcoin. And if this is all you’ve heard about Bitcoin, then chances are you think Bitcoin itself is a scam. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.