The Church of Inner Space Explained

The Church of Inner Space is about claiming the only responsibility you’ll ever really have. Your awareness.

Your awareness, what you think, is all important. It is the only thing that really matters.

To understand why, it is necessary to understand how your awareness is linked to the primary creative force in the universe, the universal energy field.

The universal energy field is everywhere. It is the substance of all consciousness, including yours. It extends throughout the universe. It is quite easily observable if you’re paying attention, but most people are still only peripherally aware of it, if at all.

Some contemporary researchers call this universal energy field ‘The Source Field‘ and even Einstein hinted at its existence.

This energy field is multi-faceted. It influences all different aspects of life in the cosmos, but it is all inter-connected and therefore, essentially, it is all one field.

It is consciousness. It is the blueprint for the creation of stars, planets and galaxies. It creates the spark of life. In the human body it can cure disease. We use it to interact with other people. Our emotions are expressed in this field. Ultimately this energy field is intimately connected to what we call ‘spirit’.

Modern western-thought, based on the materialist view that everything in existence is observable through our five physical senses, is reluctant to talk about this energy field. Because it’s not purely physical and western-thought does not like something that cannot be measured or seen with a microscope or telescope.

But, indirectly, western-thought has been talking about this energy field all along. One cannot talk about anything without talking about this field.

The father of modern philosophy, Descartes, observed in the 1600’s that there are two types of substances in the universe. Physical substances and mental substances. A mental substance, he said, is anything that is not strictly physical, something that cannot be touched, seen or otherwise physically observed with our five senses.

Thoughts are an obvious example of mental substances.

Descartes identified mental and physical as the two fundamental substances in the universe. Everything in existence could be placed into either one of those two categories.

Do thoughts really have an existence separate from physical matter? Aren’t thoughts purely physical, chemical reactions in the brain?

Would a scientist with a super-computer connected to an artist’s brain be able to tell exactly what will be painted before the brush touches paint?

Intuitively it seems clear that the artwork isn’t physical until it is brought forth from within the artist’s consciousness.

But it’s a philosophical question and until we actually have that super-computer connected to a human brain, we might never know for sure.

Until we do, if we ever do, we must decide this question for ourselves. To answer this question we cannot rely upon physical evidence for an answer.

And perhaps that’s the only evidence we’ll ever need.

Thoughts aren’t physical. In fact, as it turns out, very little of what we call physical reality is physical at all.

Descartes couldn’t have known this at the time, but western-thought discovered its own mistake. Physical matter is almost entirely an optical illusion of light and vibration.

In the early 1900’s Quantum Mechanics brought us the discovery that everything physical is made up of atoms and 99% of all atoms are ’empty space’.

As Niels Bohr, a founding father of this model, said: “If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet. Everything we call real (physical) is made of things that cannot be regarded as real (physical)

Descartes’ insistence that the two are categorically different seems somewhat excessive. For all practical purposes, there is only one substance in the universe. Apart from some slightly physical variations, everything in existence is of mental substance.

And that is what this universal energy field is. The source field is that part of reality that isn’t purely physical. And like the 99% empty space of all atoms, the universal energy field accounts for the vast majority of everything in the universe.

Modern day science estimates that the total mass–energy of the known universe contains 5% ordinary matter and 95% dark matter-energy.

And the only reason it’s called ‘dark’ is because we cannot physically see it.

We cannot directly measure it. We cannot view it through a microscope or telescope. And we cannot capture it in a bottle and put it on display in a museum. The only way of accessing and interacting with this field is through our own consciousness.

It should therefore come as no surprise that thoughts influence physical matter. And for those paying attention, there are many interesting experiments that suggest exactly that.

Experiments like Dr Maseru Emoto’s water crystal photographs and the continued observation of random number generators all around the world, these and other experiments are observing the power of human thought, and they strongly suggest that thoughts influence physical matter all the time.

However, it cannot be conclusively proven, not to a die-hard sceptic anyway, because we have no way of presenting it as physical evidence. Not in the way we normally prove the existence of other stuff.

All we can achieve with our instruments is to look for the observable and physical effects of this field.

But whether those effects are a result of human thought, or whether it is all just one big coincidence, that is something we must decide for ourselves.

Is it a coincidence that the water crystal photographs taken by Dr Maseru Emoto differ drastically depending on which thoughts they were subjected to? Is it a coincidence that hundreds of random number generators all around the world show a similar deviance from pure randomness during massive global events, when billions of people are thinking similar thoughts?

The western materialist paradigm has come to dominate this planet. And it does not like to acknowledge the existence of mental substances, even less so acknowledge the possibility of interaction between mental and physical substances.

But that same materialist paradigm discovered that very little of what we call physical reality is actually physical. Only somewhere between 1% and 5%.

The other 95% to 99% is something we can only understand by means of our own conscious-awareness.

And ultimately that’s a personal choice.

There is no physical evidence that will force anyone into closing their eyes in meditation, understanding the universal energy-consciousness field.

It’s a choice.

Do we continue to blame others for our anger? Do we continue to blame others for our problems?

Or do we claim our awareness as our sacred space?

There is no nothing that is more important.

For if, and only if, we can cleanse our inner space will we be able to solve the world’s problems of pollution and destruction in our natural environment.

And only if we can find peace and solve the conflict of our inner space will be able to do something about the countless wars ravaging our world.

The Source Field, the universal energy-consciousness field, is the substance of our awareness, and, as the name suggests, everything else flows from it.

What we see in the world as physical reality is a thin layer of appearance only. It merely reflects what is happening in the universal energy field of our awareness. And for as long as we have difficulties in our awareness, our physical world will be a reflection of that.

To solve anything we must start with ourselves. We must literally start within ourselves.

Our awareness is our primary responsibility.

That is The Church of Inner Space.

Petr Table Mountain

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