Asking for Guidance


The universal consciousness field, or source field, is present throughout everything in the universe.

The source field is that mysterious force that underpins the weird and wacky world of quantum mechanics. Quantum physicists tell us that all atoms are actually 99% empty space. Physical particles make up only 1% of all matter.

It’s just that one cannot see consciousness by looking through an electron microscope or particle collider.

The source field is also that mysterious force that keeps the cosmos together. Astrophysicists can see the gravitational effects of something… Stars, planets and entire galaxies are affected by this mysterious force, however, when they look for the source of the gravitational pull, they see nothing. Thus, so-called dark matter-energy, constitutes over 95% of the universe.

Again, it’s just that one cannot see consciousness through an electro-magnetic telescope.

Consciousness can only be accessed through consciousness itself. For those scientists to truly understand what they are studying, they would need to close their eyes, stop looking, and meditate.

That is our connection to universal consciousness, the one infinite creator, that which humanity has called God.

That presence is an infinite source of knowledge and we have access to it through our own conscious awareness. Provided that our minds are quiet enough, and provided that we are willing to listen to that stillness.

Quiet time, meditation, or prayer is not just something that can be done at specific times of the day, but something that can be done all the time. There are some ancient spiritual traditions that go back thousands of years, where devotees chant certain mantras, to keep the mind from becoming drawn into an endless and self created stream of thoughts.

A distraction.

But even in the busiest of minds, there are always quiet spaces in between thoughts. No matter how fleeting they may be. To focus  our attention on those quiet spaces, that is the beginning of meditation.

Thoughts will come. And thoughts will go. Let them be. What remains constant is our background awareness, that which allows for thoughts to exist in the first place.

That background awareness is our link to the one infinite creator, to God. For we are all tiny fragments of that one infinite consciousness.

Regardless of what we believe about God, or whether we even believe in God at all, the fact that we are conscious means that we are linked with every other instance of consciousness, every other conscious being, and every single atom in existence. This can be proved scientifically.

Ultimately all of us, everything that exists, are tiny parts of that universal consciousness field, the one infinite creator, God.

Ideas and certain beliefs about God can help us better understand the concept of God. Or it can help us avoid understanding it.

However, to really experience God, and not just understand the mental concept, but to really get in touch with God, to know God personally, one must enter into that quiet conscious space, one must become aware of the awareness that exist prior to thoughts, words and beliefs.

We must listen to the stillness that speaks.

Which is why any person who truly experiences God will understand that what we believe about God is of secondary importance. What matters most is one’s ability to become quiet and humble, being in the vast presence of infinity, that universal consciousness.

And it is in that state, of humble quietude, that prayer, asking for God’s help, is most effective.

God, being universal conscious intelligence, already knows what we need. And while we are one with the infinite creator, by asking for something specific, we open ourselves to receiving it.

If we ask and we don’t receive, it simply means that we do not yet understand what we need. We’re asking for something we want, and not for something we need.

We’re still caught up in the mind’s stream of thoughts.

It takes plenty of practice to enter that meditative state of humble quietude. To let go of our preconceived ideas, that give rise to this temporary identity we think of as ourselves.

Our bodies, our thoughts, our beliefs. It’s all temporary. Over the course of time it will all change. Or disappear.

The only thing that is permanent, which has been since the beginning of time and before that, is that universal consciousness field, God.


And by definition, any words, thoughts and beliefs we attach to the concept of infinity is an approximation. We simply cannot fully describe that which is infinite.

We can however experience some of it. Within humble quietude. Within our awareness prior to thoughts and beliefs.

Words like love and forgiveness, acceptance and service to others, ultimate loving authority, these words point towards the nature of God. But as a description they are incomplete. For God is always that and more.

Words aren’t meant to describe God.

Words are meant to help us solve our the problems. Within ourselves. Through words, used in humble quietude, in prayer and meditation, we can access an infinite reservoir of knowledge.

This is not the mind’s incessant stream of thought, these are specific words, used sparingly, humbly in conversation with the creator.

Through experiencing God, the infinite source of universal consciousness, we can come to understand what we are struggling with. And we can ask to receive what we need to overcome that struggle.

The solution to every problem lies within ourselves.

Within the awareness of our own awareness.

Within the Church of Inner Space.

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