I am You

Jenya Zhivaleva Photography. Your Foto Story

If knowledge is power then perhaps the most powerful knowledge of all is the understanding that we are all one. That human beings, and the entire universe, is unified by consciousness.

Consciousness is not generated by the brain. The brain is a sender and receiver of consciousness. Consciousness extends beyond the individual and connects apparently separate entities, from stars to humans to atoms, across space and time.

Consciousness is energy. Consciousness has substance.

It is not yet openly acknowledged by mainstream science, but it is clear that this is the direction in which our scientific understanding is evolving.

Now, world events serve to remind us that the most effective way of conquering people has always been the age old strategy of Divide and Conquer, which is the opposite of that beautiful truth.

And what happened this week in Paris again illustrates the point.

Just as we are strong, responsible and free in unity, we are weak, manipulated and imprisoned in division.

Off course there are many fingers being pointed East. But who’s really responsible for murdering more than 150 people? Does anyone really know?

The apparently obvious answer, and certainly what the mainstream media wants us to believe, is that fundamentalist Islamic terrorist organisations funded by rogue nations are responsible. Or something along those lines…

I am however reluctant to believe anything propagated by an automated media machine that seems intent on intensifying our reaction, dividing us along superficial lines of colour, creed, country and religion, rather than alleviating the tension.

And then there are the players in the shadows.

Like the ancient priests who always stood behind the King, whispering into the royal ear, manipulating events as they unfold, but never taking credit, whether they fail or succeed.

One has to wonder. Where did it go? The knowledge that consciousness unites us. That our true power and potential is expressed through unity in consciousness. Where did it come from and where did it go?

The fact that we are all one is a beautiful truth, but understanding that truth also allows for the creation of its opposite circumstance.

If we are all one and if our true power and potential is fulfilled through unity, then separation would have the opposite effect. Separation would render us impotent and weak. Separation would breed the ideal circumstances for manipulation and control. A people that are united are not easily conquered. Whereas a divided people are defenceless while they squabble and argue amongst one another…

And this is eerily reminiscent of our world today.

How many of our civil liberties have disappeared? Taken away for our own ‘protection’? What vast profits do huge energy and pharmaceutical corporations generate off of our suffering?

In the wake of events such as what happened in Paris, look at the world’s reaction.

Fear. Anger. Hatred. Blame.

More wars. Breeding more division. And more war and division.

How many more thousands of people in middle eastern countries will die, killed by drones, because of what happened in Paris?

And how many people will become fundamentalist, extremist and violent in retaliation?

We will not find peace in continuing war. It seems so obvious and yet… We keep dropping bombs, expecting to make the world a better safer place by killing people…

Consciousness does not unify these people against those people, just as it does not separate hydrogen atoms from oxygen atoms. Consciousness unifies everything.

And freedom is that realisation: That all people are one. What I do to you, I do to myself.

As a divided people we remain imprisoned in the illusion of separation.

But there is hope.

Fear, anger, hatred and blame is not the only response to recent events.

There are many who already understand the truth.

Ultimately, if death is merely a continuation of life and if there is no biblical hell but only a vast spiritual realm of endless possibility, and if all people are ultimately one, then what is done to others is done to all.

Because I am you.

This is the way to peace and freedom.

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